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Saturday, March 27, 2010

let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns

did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?


Um, anyway, moving on.

Actually, no wait. I gotta talk about Disney more.

I love Disney movies, okay. With a fiery passion. The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, A Little Mermaid, Aladdin... it's all so freaking brilliant. And it makes me happy. Because it = love.

In other news, Logan celebrated his b-day today even though it's really on Tuesday. He's 12 now! And we got him a Mac... the clamshell one. It's purdy. I wish my laptop was fixed. And blue. XD
I also got him The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded, as well as a flash drive. WOOT!

I also love the Matrix. It's such a badass movie.


So anyway, I'm in a good mood today, which is surprising since I got about 6 hours of sleep last night... but two cups of coffee and I'm all good!

So that's all for now!


Friday, March 26, 2010

look at me, I've got a case of body language

it doesn't get any better than Queen.

I got a new Doctor Who book today. It's called Shining Darkness. I'm really excited:

I'm quite pleased with it after only about 3 pages. You know, it's really nice when the writers of these books have such good knowledge as to the characters of the Doctor and Donna. I love it.

SPEAKING OF.... spring break is soon, so I'll be able to work on my story soon. Promise!!!

Anymoo, I dunno what else to say, now...

Some drama in my life, but it's stupid, as is all drama, so let's not go into it, eh?

In other news... WELCOME, NEW FOLLOWERS!!! *waves frantically* Ze Awesome Nerdettes are totally awesome so check them out. And ALIIIIINA! *tackles* 8D

Anyway, I feel super special with 4 followers now (even if one of them is my mom... >.>) so I think I should start talking about more worldly topics (other than, you know, Doctor Who) sooooo I guess I'll start with... oh, never mind. I don't like to discuss politics. Um... no, religion's not my cup of tea.... OOH! MUSIC!

Okay, Queen's BOSS, people. BOSS. So, some songs you GOTTA hear:
1. Bohemian Rhapsody (of course)
2. Body Language
3. Don't Stop Me Now
4. Seven Seas of Rhye

I love them so much. Good lord.

Anyway pals, it's been fun. Gonna watch Torchwood tonight! I'm pumped!!!! (and back to the Whoniverse we go, eh?)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you know you have a problem when...

...the highlight of your week is going to the comic book store to get a new Doctor Who comic (or 5...)

I can't wait for tomorrow! ^_^

Isn't it so awesome when you have virtually NO homework?! It feels kind of wrong at the same time, though, and I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something.

Have I told you what classes I'm taking next year yet? No? Well, here they are:
Latin II
Honors English III
US History
Intro to Psychology
Creative Writing

If I can't get into Psych or CW, I might be taking Theater Arts II or Public Speaking. Either way, it's gonna be SO much more fun than this year. No more gym... *scowls*

See, gym is pretty much the bane of my existence, because I hate sports. I don't really like running, either, to be honest. Sprinting, sure. Sometimes I'll run up my street just for fun. But the PACER TEST is the work of the devil. So is pickle ball. It was made by a demon. Disguised as a British person. The jerk.

I like British people.
Okay, so I started watching Torchwood recently! (Doctor Who spinoff if you didn't know... yeah, I know. I'm a nerdface. Shh.) The first episode was a little gory (um, shooting Jack in head is not okay! Even if he does just pop right back up!) and the second was REALLY sexually graphic (I mean, really, Russel T. Davies, this is like borderline porn!) but the third was really amazing. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and the ending was totally unexpected!

I already love Jack from Doctor Who, and Gwen is really awesome. I love her boyfriend too, poor guy. Ianto's adorable, and I dunno how I feel about Owen just yet. He seems like a pervy jerk at the mo, but last night's episode made him seem a bit more human.

Anymoo, that's all for now. I can't wait to get comics tomorrow!!!!!!! 8D

Adieu for now, my darling stalkers.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doctor Who is AWESOME



Matt Smith is gonna kick ASS.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Eleventh Hour

Found the link on Planet Gallifrey and holy crap, guys.

Who likes Matt Smith already!?
*raises hand*

Dunno how I feel about the new companion yet... still!



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and I would walk five hundred miles

Most assuredly my favorite part of David Tennant's video diary on my DVD... he's too cute for words!

What I love most about him is that he's just as giddy to meet the Proclaimers as I would be to meet him... which shows that he's not like some celebrities, who act like unreal people because they're famous. David doesn't do that. Because he's AWESOME.

Every time I watch the above video, I laugh. I was thinking about it all day, and it kept making me smile.


Yes sir. That is correct.


Monday, March 15, 2010

THE RANDOMNESS OF ME. Plus time lord.

Yay new picture!!!

So, today I got no homework from any of my classes. Not even ENGLISH. Shocker, right?
And tomorrow I have a Biology test, yahoo.
BUT THIS WEEK IS A SHORT WEEK because there's a Teacher Workshop day on Friday.
So today feels like Tuesday! JOY.

In other news, Daylight Savings started. I haaaaaate that. It's so annoying to me. Glark.

And my school's musical, Into the Woods, opens on Thursday. I'm really excited because a friend of mine is in it, and it's a really cool play anyway.

What's new with you??


Sunday, March 14, 2010

the end of time

I did not cry.
I did not cry.
I did not cry.
I did not...

Yes, yes I did.
A lot.

Goodbye, David.
I'll miss you more than you can ever know.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I Like the Master

An essay, by Audrey.

So. We all know the Master: he's evil, he's tried to destroy the human race, he enjoys killing people for fun, and he likes to torment the Doctor.

So, why the HELL, you say indignantly, would any sane person like him, much less LOVE him??

Oh, my friends. I will tell you why.
First, and most shallowly, I kinda think John Simm is attractive. >.>

But more importantly, I find his character fascinating! He's completely deranged, but there's a sort of brilliant geniusry (which is so not a word but should be) to his madness. He finds the most subtle ways of taking over, knows exactly what can break a person, even a strong person like the Doctor or Martha, and he knows just how to infiltrate the powers that be, and become them.

He's also hilarious as hell, despite him being a ruthless bastard that makes people want to stab him in the face. Because his lunacy leaves you chortling, even as he murders the human race, smiling down at them with the Doctor a crippled prisoner in his wake.

Yeah, he's horrible. He's demonic. He's the scariest person I'd never hope to meet.

But I love him like crazy cakes.

Anyway, off to watch The End of Time, cry like a baby, watch David Tennant's video diary, and go to bed.

It's a happy night in Nerdtopia.

Love and LOLz,


SO. Dearest readers.

Today, I went downtown with my darling brother, who is staring over my shoulder asking for his turn.... anyway, so we went to Bull Moose, a DVD/music/stuff store. I got the DOCTOR WHO COMPLETE SPECIALS DVD SET. FIVE, that's right, FIVE discs of awesome. And it has David Tennant's video diary, too. OH EM GEE. *has fangirl heart attack*

So yeah, that was awesome. Also, the cashier and I had a chat about David Tennant while I was paying. Oh joy. <3

And so tonight's plan is pretty much to watch The End of Time parts 1 and 2. I'm excited and also nervous, because I know David leaves, and I am gonna cry. But the Master is in these episodes!!!!! I LOVE HIM.

I think he might have to make an appearance in my fanfic. I'm serious. GOOD LORD. I am a nerd and I need help.

So, I might post at some point a blog about WHY I love the Master. Because I know many think I am freaky.

Welp, that's all for now, readers. Off to read some Othello... *cries* I don't like that book. Damn.
And then... study for Bio... and then... call Rose... and then....

Anyway. Rambling. Laugh out loud.

Love and lemmings,

Friday, March 12, 2010

new layout

I think it's pretty.
You like? I like.

Let me know.

Love and lemmings,

thoughts for the day

1. Doctor Who theme song = best way to wake up each day.

2. Ice cream is the best food in the world.

3. This man has too much attractiveness to be human. He must be an alien:

4. It's the weekend. This is a very good thing.

5. I'm reading this book called "Unwind." If you're into sci-fi/futuristic novels (i.e. Feed, The Giver, The hunger Games ect.) you'll like it. I'm over halfway through because I've been steadily reading it all day. Yeah. Even in class. But honestly, you don't need to pay too much attention in computer applications.

6. I'm really ready to be done with sophomore year. Being a junior is going to be so much more fun: I'll be out of gym, the most hated class of my day; I'll be IN intro to psychology, which will be extremely awesome, and most of all, I'll never have to deal with my witch of an English teacher again, and that's putting it nicely.

7. I'm really extremely excited for the new season of Doctor Who. At first, I was really, REALLY mad that David Tennant was leaving the show, because, as you should have noticed, I'm in love with the man. But I was also sad because since Russel T. Davies is ALSO no long lead writer, a lot of my favorite characters (Rose, Donna, Martha, Jack, The Master as played by John Simm) are also going to be gone, most likely. And that depresses me that we may not see them ever again. I love Donna more than anyone normal should, and I hate the fate she has to endure. It's the worst of the three fates the Doctor's women have suffered in the past 4 seasons, in my opinion.
I also love the Master, so much it's creepy. I have yet to see The End of Time, but I know he basically as good as dies. At any rate, he's gone. And hell, but I'm sad! He's such an amazing villain, I want him to stay forever!!!
But in the end, my thoughts stand thus:
a) Matt Smith looks really great from what I've seen.
b) I don't know how I'll feel about Amy Pond... I get a little Rose Tyler vibe from the trailer, and even though I like Rose she was a bit of a possessive brat.
c) I'm so excited for the return of the weeping angels!!!

9... no, 8.... I feel like the Doctor... um, H. I really want to get ice cream right now. And watch The End of Time. Gotta wait for it to come out on Netflix...

Love and lemmings,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dust Off Your Converse Episode 2 Excerpt



The Doctor twisted the vector tracker, yanked the dimensional stabilizer, and smacked a variety of buttons seemingly at random. I watched him, grinned excitedly. He pumped what looked like a bicycle pump on the side, and then slapped the side excitedly. “Bada-boom-ba!” he exclaimed. “Away we go!”
I felt the TARDIS shudder violently beneath me, but I didn’t care. I savored the feeling, because it felt as good as a hug from a friend, or the warmth of a hot shower after a long day. There was so much comfort in the erratic jostling of the TARDIS in flight, and I could tell the Doctor felt it too, even as we both held on for dear life and he pressed down buttons with both hands and one foot.
“Push the temporal shifter, would ya?” he asked, his Converse slipping off the console with a thud.
“The what?”
“Green button with the red thingy on it. Just there, next to the purple blinky thing.” He nodded to it. I pressed it with a wry smirk.
“Is that a technical term? ‘Blinky’?”
He stuck out his tongue at me. “Wait till you see where we’re going!” he yelled over the sudden burst of noise.
We careened to a stop and I felt the wind smacked out of me as my gut bashed into the safety railing.
“Ow! All right, that was fun,” he groaned. He’d tried to put his foot back on another button, but we’d stopped so violently that he’d fallen on his back on the ground, one leg in the air.
“You okay there?” I asked, suppressing a laugh.
He frowned at me. “Yeah. Don’t laugh.” He jumped up, brushed himself off, and said grandly, “You ready for this?”
“You have to ask?!” I was jumping up and down. “Where are we?”
“The planet of Aristotle, first inhabited by a humanoid race in the year 2654. It is currently the year 3000.” He crossed to the door and threw it open. “It’s gorgeous, especially now. Cleanest air you’ll ever inhale.”
He stepped onto the ashen ground and dust puffed up, causing him to cough. He waved it away, squinting around. “Oh no,” he said after he’d finished hacking. I joined him, looking out.
The landscape was a wasteland, the sky a dirty yellow and clouds of smoke filled the air. What looked like a vaguely New York skyline sprawled in the distance, completely in ruins. The Doctor’s brow knit together, his expression grim. “This isn’t right.”
Before either of us could speak, however, and man dressed in a dirty overcoat appeared seemingly from nowhere, grabbed me by the arm, and hissed, “You fools! Get out of the open!” He tugged me away, and the Doctor was at our heels at once. A siren wailed eerily in the distance, and suddenly the ground trembled beneath our feet. I finally spoke as the man shoved me behind a large pile of rubble. “Oi, buddy, watch it,” I growled. He merely waved the Doctor next to me.
“Stay low,” he hissed, and the Doctor squatted on his heels, looking pensive. He waited till the ground stopped shaking to speak.
“What was that?”
The man stared at him. “You don’t know?”
The Doctor’s expression became darker. “If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking, now, would I?”
The man hesitated. I sighed. “Look, where are we?”
“Good question!” the Doctor exclaimed. “Oh, see, this is why I like you, Rose.” I flushed.
“This is the outskirts of New William, on the coast of Marlowe Bay,” the man said, interrupting our banter.
“That can’t be right,” the Doctor frowned.
“Why, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“That’s just… where I meant to go,” he said meekly.
“Did you get the date wrong?”
“Another excellent question!” he exclaimed. He whipped around to look at the man. “What’s the year?”
“Oh, now you gotta know THAT—”
“Just answer the damn question,” I snapped.
“It’s the year 3000,” the man stuttered, abashed. The Doctor stared at him.
“You sure?” he asked. The man nodded, confused. “New William, Aristotle, 3000?” The man nodded again. “Sure we’re not a few planets off?” The man shook his head no. “A few miles?” Another no. “A centimeter?” the Doctor asked desperately. When the man shrugged, the Doctor dropped back onto his butt quite suddenly, looking flabbergasted. “Well, that’s a first, anyway.”
The man blinked. “Who are you two?” he asked.
“I’m the Doctor, she’s Rose,” the Doctor replied, jerking a thumb in my direction. “And you?”
The man stuck out a gloved hand. “I’m Chris,” he said grimly, shaking our hands. “Welcome to the end of the world.”


You're welcome, dears. You're welcome. XD

Sniffles. Haha.

I hate having a cold. It's EVIL.

Sooo. Not much to report today. I gotta read Act II of Othello. Ha. Ha. Ha. It's funny, my English teacher WOULD find a way to cram racism into our Shakespeare unit. Good lord. The woman's OBSESSED. With racism. And sex. She scares me.

Yeah. Basically, that's all. OOH, I really honest for true swear to try and get SOMETHING new for DOYC... er, soonish.

*spins around in circles* Don't let me go, my darling, hold me safely till the morning, promise when the lights are fading, you'll save me...

AAAAAAH SQUEE. They're awesome.
(That'd be Clockwork Quartet. By the way.)


He's a duck.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

superduper quick post

1. It's 50 degrees here. IT IS LIKE SUMMER.

2. The Clockwork Quartet commented on my blog. Twice. Do you have any idea how much joy this gives me?? *dances in circles*

3. I have a cold. No bueno.

4. I'm going to go outside now... hopefully I'll get some new stuff up for my fanfic! Woooo!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hunger games, flickr, and steampunk

First things first:


Best Hunger Games fan trailer EVER. The Hunger Games is an amazing book series and I will forever love it.

back in the days when we were young

reaching out

New pictures has I! Go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36947354@N08/ for all of them. I'm quite proud. ^_^

Iiiiin the final announcement, I just have a BRILLIANT band for ya: The Clockwork Quartet. Two songs only so far: The Doctor's Wife and the Watchmaker's Apprentice. SO AMAZING AND LOVELY. Go look 'em up on the Tube of You (aka YouTube) and enjoy!

Lots of love, LOLz, and... er, lemmings,


UPDATED: Fixed my dumb typo on the Clockwork Quartet song title... what the heck is a "Watchkeeper" anyway? *is retarded* I have no brain. Anyway, fixed the title. It's "WatchMAKER" which makes much more sense. Oh, embarrassing. ~Aud